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I think we did answer your question last week, although it took a few
discussions to come up with the answer. Ed suggested you simply use F4 to
start the search and then Shift+f4 to search for the next text. Try this.

Dave Carlson
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Subject: reexplaining Outlook07 and finding next text stream

HI guys: Thanks for such great ideas on searching for next stream in
Outlook07! But let me reexplain how I use it hoping more ideas might come:
Suppose in a certain email I'd like to skip article via article or section
via section; each article or section is separated via a string of dashes,
asteris, number signs or other symbols. In Outlook Express I used to invoke
the Jaws Find dialogue via Insert+Control+f, set the dialogue to search for
the determined string, being safe to press Escape on finding the first
occurrence. When reading the section and wanting to go to the next one, I'd

do Insert+f3 and without having to reinvoke the Search command it'd put me
on the next occurrence of the string, thus being able to jump to the next
article or section without having to reenter the Find dialogue.

OK I'm wanting to accomplish the same in Outlook07 emails: I do
Insert+Control+f to invoke Outlook07's Find and search for the string once I
know what it uses to separate articles or sections; I read the first article
or section, and wanting to search for the next occurrence, I have to reenter
the Find dialogue with Insert+Control+f and do Enter on next; logic would
have it that via the Control+page up or page down like in Word, it'll find
the next occurrence, thus making it easier to read; yes sighted people can
click on the ribbon and click on the Find Next icon, but how would we do
this same task as Jaws users?

So my question is there another way to accomplish this task as I used to do
before with Outlook Express? Hope now we're on the same track having
explained in more detail my situation.

Thanks in advanced for any other great ideas! Lists like these really help a
lot to be able to use more efficiently our technologies!


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