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What format are the scans in? If they are JPG you could just Google "JPG to PDF converters" and you'll find a ton of online converters most of which are very accessible. You just click some button to upload your JPG file, then if PDF is already selected as the output format (most of them let you convert all sorts of things) then you click the "Convert" button and finally you download your converted PDF image. There are of course also desktop applications out there, but many of them might cost a bit and often they may be less accessible. Unless you have to convert large numbers of files and are unable to scan directly to PDF the online converters are the way to go.

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Subject: Software to convert scanned images to PDF files

Hello everyone:

I need to scan some documents and send them as pDF files.

Does anyone on the list know of a software package which is accessible and can do what I am wanting to do and keep the original format and layout.

I used the Windows Fax and Scan program without much success.

Thank you all in advance for any and all suggestions.


Dave Durber

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