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Dan Longmore

 My experience with the Dell laptop has been good although some of the pre-installed Delta software should be disabled as it can give you some grief. HP is the one that I really prefer 

From: <> on behalf of Kelsey Nicolay <piano.girl0299@...>
Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2018 12:57:44 PM
To: jfw
Subject: JAWS and Dell laptops
I am looking into getting a Dell Inspiron 3000 series laptop,
specifically the 3567. I have heard that JAWS does not work well with
Dell hardware. I've had a couple Dell desktops that didn't work well,
but I've never used one of their laptops. Therefore, for any Inspiron
owners, any suggestions on how to make JAWS perform better other than
changing the function keys in the BIOS? Is swapping the hard drive for
an SSD and upgrading the RAM to 16 gigs really necessary? I look
forward to hearing from anyone who uses or has used the Inspiron 3000
series laptops with JAWS. I am considering that model because it has a
number pad and optical drive whereas the Latitude does not.
Kind Regards,
Kelsey Nicolay

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