moderated Re: Using JAWS, how can I turn on Paragraph marks?

Kimber Gardner

Hi John,

You have to do this in Word.

Open a word document, preferably one with paragraph marks so you can
test the change.
Press alt F to get to the file menu then arrow up (I think pressing
arrow up twice should do it) until you hear options. Press enter.
Once in options, arrow down until you hear display. Don't hit enter
but instead start tabbing through the various choices. You'll find
checkboxes for everything from paragraph marks to spaces and a bunch
of other things. Check only the ones you want to see in your document
then ok out of the choices.

I believe when you begin reviewing your document you will hear only
the markings you've selected. If not, close the doc and reopen.

I hope this helps.

On 4/24/18, John ESherrer <> wrote:
Hi Folks; I use JAWS 18 With word 2013 and I need to turn on paragraph
marks so that I can remove them. I currently pressed an ALL button and I
have to listen to space marks.

John E. Sherrer

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