moderated Re: How to completely remove Jaws 2018 from my windows 7 PC please?


No need to use a third party uninstaller. Uninstall Jaws first and make sure you say that you also want to remove shared settings and user settings. Which version of Jaws do you have? If it’s 2018 then at the beginning of the uninstall process these are simply selected by checking two checkboxes.

After it finishes with the uninstall and system has rebooted use another screenreader and check Programs and Features and uninstall what’s left, most likely only the FS Reader and the Table of Contents, these shouldn’t matter but if you want to remove it all then uninstall those.

Now go to c:\program files and c:\program files (x86) and see if there still is a Freedom Scientific folder, if so delete it.

Lastly, go to the run command with Windows +R and type “AppData” of course without quotation marks and press enter.

Once the AppData folder opens (it is a hidden folder in c:\users\Your User Name) go to the “Roaming” subfolder and if there is a Freedom Scientific folder there delete it also. This is where your user settings are kept.

Usually if you delete user settings there are only some log files and such left, but as I said, if you do want to really remove it then you might as well do that.

I would stop here since I don’t like to mess with the Registry, but I guess if you know how to do so and how to search the registry you could look for anything Freedom Scientific in there and get rid of it as well, but like I said, do it at your own risk.

Now download the latest version of Jaws 2018 (if you are licensed for it) or whichever version you are licensed for and reinstall it. I would do a final reboot after you download the installer, best to put it right on the desktop and then once your system reboots just run it and go through the install.





From: <> On Behalf Of Delaunay Christophe
Sent: Monday, April 23, 2018 5:59 AM
Subject: How to completely remove Jaws 2018 from my windows 7 PC please?


Hi all,


For about a month now, my PC has become really unstable and I suspect Jaws to be an eventual cause of this instability. For instance, in Microsoft outlook, as soon as I try to “select” the “Unread Items” folder and perform an action on one message from this search folder, Outlook crashes. It does not if I use another screen reader instead of Jaws.


Another issue is that some apps like Anaconda installer simply crash when I attempt to run them.


This is the reason why I want to totally remove Jaws from this computer and reinstall it as properly as I can. In order to uninstall Jaws, the documentation says I should choose “Programs and Features”, and select one by one all Freedom Scientific programs, sarting from Jaws itself. Is it sufficient or should I use a more advanced uninstaller? If so, which uninstaller should I use please?


Many thanks in advance. Have a nice day. ChD

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