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Joni Colver <earlybird@...>

I managed to get it authorized. The 40-minute mode makes me nervous when I
am working with a new computer, new operating system and worrying about
being in the middle of something when JAWS needs a reboot.

The first time I did the ILM process I was on the phone with tech support,
so the procedure is not that familiar to me and I was afraid I would not get
it done correctly. Should have borrowed a Valium from that newly installed
JAWS voice I guess to make me calmer through the process.

Nice to end the day on a successful note.


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Visit the FS Activate site. Have your JAWS serial number and 25-digit key
ready to input. I keep mine in a cheat text file so it's always handy.

Dave Carlson
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Subject: Authorizing JAWS on another computer

I have JAWS installed on my current XP computer. I had to go to the fs
activate site to authorize it since the CD did not work when I tried that

I have 2 keys left. I purchased a Windows 7 computer today. I installed
JAWS from the DVD. How do I go about authorizing it on the Windows 7
computer? Should I just visit the fs activate site? Do I need to type in
my activation/authorization code from the XP computer? This is the first
time I have had JAWS on multiple computers.

Also, when I get rid of the XP computer, do I just lose a key or can I
regain it somehow for future use?



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