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CathyAnne Murtha <cathy@...>

If you have an iPhone (and probably Android), the Google Translate app is pretty amazing.

You can either type or speak and have the app instantly translate into dozens of language options.

I was playing with it at a Chinese restaurant the other day. Both the staff and I were amazed at how well it worked.



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On Thu, Apr 19, 2018 at 8:09 PM -0700, "Tim Ford" <ttford@...> wrote:

Hello All,


I am using JAWS 17 with Windows 10.  I have a friend whose English is no better than my Spanish.  Is there a web site, Word feature, stand-alone software, or some other way for she and I to type and hit a button to translate?  It could be just reading the screen, or better yet, a button to press to have the computer speak the translation.  Any ideas are much appreciated!



Tim Ford


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