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Shirley Tracy

                Hi Steve and all,


I am actually using Microsoft Mail for Windows 10 now. Yesterday, I couldn’t use it, but today, I’ve got it down. (At least I think I have).


Persistence pays—plus I found something on the web from Microsoft that describes how to use it with screen readers like JAWS. While things aren’t totally as described, I’ve been able to figure out how to make it work—but I’m sure I’m far from using it fully.


Thank you all again for your input. This list has really helped.



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From: Steve Matzura
Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2018 8:45 PM
Subject: Re: Finally got windows 10 and have questions


Instead of using a browser for email, why not try a regular Windows mail

program, like Thunderbird, or Windows Live Mail. I would not, however,

recommend the native Windows 10 email client.



Your JAWS will tell you when there is an update, and invite you to

download and install it by activating the appropriate button in the

dialog. Ditto FSCast podcast episodes.



On 4/17/2018 8:32 PM, Shirley Tracy wrote:

> Hi everyone,

> I posted earlier I had bought an all-in-one computer, but got chicken and returned it. The one I have set up now is much more powerful--refurbished but works really well.

> Here are my questions:

> 1. Do you all have trouble using EDGE? I generally use Internet Explorer or I used to sometimes use Firefox. When trying to read email today, I discovered that Edge will show me the messages but won't open the links. Is there a JAWS key that will open them? I'm using Roadrunner email through I'm using Internet Explorer right now, but I'd use Edge if it's possible.

> 2. I installed JAWS 1820 from the disk. I then downloaded the March update from the website. Do I need to download each of the other updates? Or will they be in the March update?

> Windows 10 doesn't seem too difficult. It's just the learning curve that makes it seem daunting.

> Thank you all for your patience. At least I'm trying to learn. (smile).

>   Shirley






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