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From: Shannon [mailto:shannon@...]
Sent: Thursday, Apr 19, 2018 12:53 PM EST
Subject: Fixing JAWS OCR accuracy?

Joshua , Dave,

Thanks for answering so quickly, even though it was not what I wanted to
hear. Smile

I have the KNFB reader app on my phone along with the seeing aAI and Prizmo

I never seme to get usable documents from any of them.

I probably need a stand but no one seems to know where I can get one?

I also am not sure how the documents from any of those programs get saved
using a phone. If I use any of them and then OCR so I can read the document,
when the document is saved or shared, is it only the OCR results ,(which may
or may not be accurate,) or is the original image also saved? I not only
need to read these documents but I have to save and store them so others can
see them.

With all this cool stuff that is out there.. I sure wish I could be sure
that it would be right. I question myself as it is.

Joshua, what is a MiFi device? I don't think I have one of those?

Thanks for the assist. I was hopeing that there was a display setting I
needed to use or a way to adjust for fonts or something in windows that
would make OCR with JAWS work better.


From: [] On Behalf Of Joshua
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2018 11:04 AM
Subject: Re: Fixing JAWS OCR accuracy?

The OCR is only as accurate as the document provided. Garbage in, garbage
out. Fonts can also play a role in messing up OCR and arial type fonts are
preferred, although italic fonts can play havoc on OCR.

There may be a few alternatives to rely on in this case. Seeing AI is a app
for iPhone which has a document reader on it. Great for OCR'ing paper which
hasn't been folded. There is also the OrCam which is a camera worn on the
side of glasses which can read content in front of you within seconds, but
then dumps the information from the device to maintain privacy. Or there is
the Aira service which comes with a pair of Google glasses, and a AT&T MiFi
device, which has KNFB reader built in for OCR'ing content, or connects to a
live person for assistance. At $90 for 100 minutes, Aira is a cheap personal


From: [] On Behalf Of Shannon
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2018 8:46 AM
Subject: Fixing JAWS OCR accuracy?

Hello all,

I was just using the OCR on a pdf. I noticed that there was a problem.

This happened to be an invoice that I need to pay.

I got down to the Sub total line and all was fine until the taxes were
added and the line that said Balance Due.

The final balance Due was not correct.

The OCR cut off the line.

If I had believed this and not questioned it and found a pair of eyes to
confirm I would have miss paid the bill.

Subtotal was 202.65 and the balance Due said 202

I would have short paid .65 to the vendor.

How can I make the OCR be accurate?

I also notice this on the time tracking software we use. There is a screen
that JAWS will not read with the virtual curser, mouse curser, and not even
the touch curser. There is no PC curser in the window.

I have to OCR the window to get any info from it.

Often and very often it will lie to me and cut off parts of the time
entries. It may say something like

Time in 7:00am

Out time 10:30AM

4/18/2018 56 38am (it Left off the leading 6)

4/18/18/2018 0:28:12AM(it left off the leading 1)

This is the "Raw" time of the actual punch into the clock. The system rounds
to the nearest 15 minute.

When JAWS doesn't tell me the truth I am forced to get someone over here to
look over my shoulder and tell me what is really on the screen.

Why can't it be accurate?

Is there any settings that I can do/change to correct this?

I just don't feel good that my screen reader is not telling me the truth and
I can't rely on it.

Thanks for any pointers.


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