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Below is the latest Jaws April update, J2018.1804.26, download links plus what's new with this release.
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64 Bit:
Enhancements in JAWS 2018.1804.26 (April 2018)
The following is a list of improvements made in JAWS 2018 between the March 2018 update and the April 2018 update.
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• Resolved an issue with dongle authorization not working in the Windows 10 Spring 2018 Creators update. Customers who authorize using a dongle must install
this JAWS update to continue authorizing JAWS or Fusion after Windows is updated. See the
Freedom Scientific Blog
 for more information about Freedom Scientific software and the Microsoft Windows 10 Spring Creators Update.
• For the past several releases, users have been able to press CTRL+WINDOWS Key+K in Microsoft Word, HTML pages, or PDF documents to set a temporary PlaceMarker,
move the cursor to a different location in the document or web page, and then press INSERT+SPACEBAR followed by M to instantly select the text between
the mark and the cursor. This update further enhances this functionality by now enabling you to select between a temporary PlaceMarker and the cursor location
in standard text editing applications including Notepad or WordPad, or in Internet Explorer or Chrome when focused in edit fields on web pages or in web-based
editing applications with Forms Mode active. For example, if you are reading a document in Google Docs and you want to select a couple sentences, press
CTRL+WINDOWS Key+K at the location in the document where you want to begin the selection, move the cursor to where you want to end the selection, and then
press INSERT+SPACEBAR, M to select the text. You can then apply any formatting as well as copy or cut the text for pasting in another location in the document
or in a different application. To have JAWS read the currently selected text, press INSERT+SHIFT+DOWN ARROW. Note that due to current limitations with
Chrome, text selection in Google Docs only works reliably when performed in the same paragraph.
• A new option, "Use Accessibility Driver for Screen Capture", is now available in the Miscellaneous group of Settings Center and is selected by default.
The accessibility driver is a system level driver installed by our software that has been used for many years to provide screen information to JAWS. This
information is known as the Off-Screen Model (OSM) and is used primarily by review cursors like the JAWS Cursor and Invisible Cursor as well as by JAWS
scripts. As Windows 10 increasingly uses different methods of displaying information, this legacy accessibility driver no longer works in many cases. Clearing
this check box configures JAWS to use new API Accessibility Monitor technology we developed to help overcome the missing information previously obtained
from the Accessibility Driver.
• Resolved a reported issue with the Business Search Research It lookup source not returning any results as expected.
• JAWS no longer announces the current character when DELETE or BACKSPACE is pressed in a read-only edit field or the Virtual Cursor. Since nothing is
being deleted, it is not necessary to speak the character.
• Resolved a reported issue where JAWS was not reading properly in certain edit fields in Visual Studio 2017.
• In the Spanish version of JAWS, resolved an issue where layered command help (INSERT+SPACEBAR, QUESTION MARK) was not being displayed.
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Microsoft Office
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• Resolved an issue in the Spellchecker for Word and Outlook where JAWS was reading the misspelled word as a suggestion even after announcing there were
no suggestions.
• When starting the Spellchecker in the latest Word 365 updates, which places focus into the sentence containing the misspelled word, resolved an issue
where JAWS was not reading the whole sentence if it wrapped to a new line.
• Addressed multiple reports where JAWS would unexpectedly stop reading in Excel in some situations.
• Addressed an issue in Excel where pressing a braille display Cursor Router was not moving the cursor as expected when editing a cell.
• When pressing CTRL+TAB from the Outlook Calendar to move focus to the Navigation Bar, resolved an issue where JAWS was not reading the buttons as you
list end
Web Browsers
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• JAWS 2018 now includes improvements necessary for users who move to Mozilla FireFox version 60, expected to release within the month. It is advised that
JAWS users remain on the ESR version of FireFox until Mozilla officially releases version 60.
• When typing in the Edge address bar, resolved an issue where JAWS would stop responding and eventually close.
• When navigating a table in Edge using the JAWS table reading commands, addressed an issue where JAWS would not identify buttons. In addition, resolved
an issue where the contents of a cell were not being read if the cell only contained a check box.
• Addressed a reported issue where the JAWS ARIA Text Filter, which enables you to specify how live regions containing certain content are announced, was
not working as expected. To use this feature, press CTRL+WINDOWS Key+DASH to open the ARIA Live Region text filter dialog box, enter some text that may
appear in a live region on a web page, and then choose whether JAWS announces or ignores any updates that contain the filtered text.
• Resolved an issue with the SLASH Navigation Quick Key not moving to clickable elements on certain web pages as expected.
list end
Windows 10
list of 5 items
• Improved JAWS responsiveness when using ALT+TAB to move between apps.
• When focused on the Desktop and a Windows Explorer window is minimized, resolved an issue where INSERT+T was reading the title of the Explorer window
instead of the Desktop.
• JAWS now announces the current calculator mode when the app starts, or when moving focus to it using ALT+TAB.
• Improved JAWS support for the Windows Update screen accessed through the Settings app (WINDOWS Key+I). Status messages should now be spoken and shown
in braille when checking for and downloading updates.
• Improved JAWS responsiveness when navigating in the Windows Task Manager.
list end
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