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Do the following:
1. Press INSERT+V to open Quick Settings.
2. Type “top” in the Search box.
3. Hit DOWN ARROW to land on option Top and Bottom Edge Alert.
4. Press SPACE BAR to change Top and Bottom Edge Alert with Sound.
5. Press ENTER to close the dialog box.

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Good Morning, please bear with me.

I had never heard of this feature. Once this is downloaded, what can be
to set up the desired sounds?

Thank You


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Here is the link to the Office 365 sounds download.



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Subject: sounds at top & bottom of documents

How do I create sounds that indicate that I am at the top or bottom of a
document or email? I have office 2016, Windows 10 & JAWS 2018. I had the
sounds but since Windows updated they went away & I don't know how to get
them back.



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