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Hello CathyAnne,


This worked great!  I assume there is some similar keystroke for MS Word.  If I press control-o to get a list of files, I would like to know the number of files in the focused folder.  I have just spent a lot of time trying to find an answer both on the web and in the JAWS help.  I have struck out.  I have two imputers, one has Office 2013 and the other has Office 2016.  Can you help?  I am not clear if I need to use a different JAWS hotkey (JAWS 2018) or I need to change options in the status line of Office.







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You can control what’s displayed in the Outlook 2016 Status bar.


1. Focus in the message list

2. Press F6 until focus is on “Status Bar”

3. Press the WINDOWS APPPLICATION KEY or SHIFT-F10 to open the configuration menu

4. Navigate the menu and toggle the options on and off as needed

5. Tap ESCAPE to close the menu


The changes take place immediately.






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Hello Everyone,


I have Office 2016.  I am using Outlook.  I did a number of modifications to make Outlook more friendly like getting rid of the preview pane and so on.  I have been using Outlook 2013 in the past.  I could use a JAWS hotkey of insert-pagedown to hear the number of messages in the outlook folder while I am in that Outlook folder.  When I tried the same hotkey in Outlook 2016, I got other information, but not the number of messages in the Outlook folder.  I know I can find the number of messages in the Outlook folder list when using control-y, but that seems a lot of steps when I wish just to check this information.  Is there an Outlook 2016 hotkey or other way to hear the number of messages?


Thanks in advance for any help.



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