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There are keyboard shortcuts you can use in browsers to get to elements of the Facebook website.  I use these commands on the mobile site


These commands are custom to the browser. I reference the keystrokes below:


Each of the keystrokes is preceded by command keys.  These vary by browser.


Use the browser command in conjunction with the access keys for each Facebook element.


For example, the command for Firefox for PC is ALT-SHIFT-#.  Add the access key for messages (4) and ALT-SHIFt-4 opens Facebook messages in Firefox.


The browser commands and access keys are listed below.  I hope this helps!


  • Internet Explorer for PC: ALT-#, then Enter
  • Firefox for PC: ALT-SHIFT-#
  • Safari for Mac: CTRL-OPT-#
  • Firefox for Mac: CTRL-OPT-#
  • Chrome for Mac: CTRL-ALT-#
  • Chrome for PC: ALT-#


Add the above to the following numbers on the number row:

  • Friends 2
  • Notifications 3
  • Messages 4
  • Menu 5
  • Chat 6
  • Settings 7
  • Facebook Policies 8 (Use BACKSPACE to return to the main Facebook interface)






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From: <> On Behalf Of Jim L
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Subject: Google Chrome and Facebook


Heya folks,


In the space of 24 hours I cannot now open messager in facebook as before I’d select the person I want on my facebook contact list, scroll down to options, press ALT on it and a menu would pop up for me to open messenger, now I get a menu popping up with edit name, change colors etc, anyone else experiencing this? Am using latest Jaws 2018 on Windows 7/64 bit with latest Google Chrome.


Any help or work around to open the messenger part of facebook I’d appreciate.






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