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yes, the insert key is the default jaws key for the desktop layout. but you can also change this to the capslock. and when you do you have to use alt capslock to turn it on or off. double tapping capslock will not work if you use it this way.
and this is what is happening for me and one of the posters.

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It does sound like you could have Laptop layout, since
Desktop uses Insert as the JAWS key. You can check by going
into the JAWS Context Menu, Options, then Enter on Basics;
Tab to keyboard layout. There you can check Laptop or

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No, you should not lose the functionality of the caps lock.
You just have to press it twice quickly to turn it on or
off. If you press it only once, or if there is a delay
between the first and second press, nothing will happen.
Does that make sense?


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As a P.S. to this question, I now see that, caps lock does
not even work as a true caps lock. I do have JAWS to use
caps lock as a modifier key. Does this mean that I lose the
functionality of caps lock altogether? If that is the case,
that makes my login screen issue below even stranger. It
also seems odd that JAWS cannot retain the function of caps
lock while also letting it be modifier key; Window Eyes
allowed this. Not trying to be critical, but am really
confused. Maybe it's a good thing if you cannot
accidentally turn on caps lock.

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Are you using the desktop or laptop keyboard layout? If you
are using the laptop layout, you must press the caps lock
twice quickly to toggle it on and off, because the caps lock
key is used as the JAWS modifier key.



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I have noticed with both of my installations of JAWS 2018
(one on Windows 7 and one on Win 10) that JAWS does not
announce the status of Caps lock on and off as I press the
button. This became particularly problematic earlier today
when I was at the Window 7 login screen after having left my
computer for a while and my first entry of my password got
an error. I figured caps lock was on, so press the button
to remove caps lock, but my password was still incorrect. I
have no idea if caps lock was on or off and ended up locking
myself out after several failed attempts of pressing caps
lock. Because I did not know how to figure out if caps lock
was on and was afraid the tech support guy was going to have
me typing a new password in, I did a hard shutdown hoping to
clear it. As it turned out, I still had Window Eyes set to
load at start up, so I was able to get unlocked and logged
back in with the ability to check caps lock status.

Why does JAWS not tell the Caps lock status and is there a
way to get it to do this? Window Eyes does it fine. By
extension, I've even surprised in say, MS Word, that JAWS
does not correctly identify what is happening with commands
such as Control B, Control S, etc. With Window Eyes, it
says "Bold on" and "Bold off" or "saving document". I
really am trying to make the switch to JAWS, but things like
this are making me anxious.


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