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Mike Rogers

This happens to me, occasionally. I have a friend listed in my address book, but she still goes into my spam folder every time. I make it a habit to check my spam folder every day. It's not really a problem, as very little spam comes in anymore. I have a Gmail acount and use Becky email program.


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It happens a lot when some ISP's consider certain addresses as spam. The only workaround I know of is to put the address into your addressbook so that your email client knows email from that address is not spam. Often, even this does not work. We just need to check our spam folders. One thing I will point out is that I not only have a spam folder, I also have two junk folders. It's a good idea to become familiar with all the folders in your email and see what might be hiding in there.

Bill White

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Hey guys,

OK, i don't know why this is happening but a lot of my gmail mail, and
some of it's important is going to spam. I virtually never check the
spam folder. For instance i just created an account on a website, and
the account varification went to spam. Any ideas why?
Like i said this seems to be happening more and more.


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