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I found this on the Microsoft Answer page from Googling the question.  I did it and named it, creatively enough, volume, and assigned control+alt+v, which gets you to the master volume control on my Windows 10 Home system.

Then, alt+x gets you to the mixer controls where you can adjust programs separately, supposedly.


Here is what I found:

Yes,you can create a Master Volume Shortcut and also assign a Shortcut Key.

Right click on a empty area on desktop, and click on New and Shortcut.

Paste the following in to the location of the item area:-


%windir%\System32\SndVol.exe -f 49825268


Click Next button and give a name to the Shortcut and click Finish.


Now You right click on it and select Properties.


Click Shortcut tab.


Assign your desired shortcut key like F8 or F9 in the Shortcut Key area.


Click OK/Apply.






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Subject: Re: JAWS and volume control


See if your speakers are in the system tray. If they are, hit enter on them, and see if you can open up the master volume. If you can you can lower your volume. You can also do it in control panel in sound link. Jim


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Subject: JAWS and volume control


Hello all: I was working with another person in a remote session on my Win10 laptop, and JAWS was very loud.   I was frantically trying to find a hotkey for regulating that, but there seems to be nothing anymore. I checked in the JAWS commands as well. Anyone have a clue?





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