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I don't think you can get Windows 10 any more for free this way, not sure why this still popped up.
Screenreader users were still able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free until the end of 2017, but the free upgrade offer for everybody was already over I think at the end of July last year.
I just upgraded two Windows 7 PC's at my store to Windows 10 and had to buy two copies of Windows 10 Professional. Interestigly enough I was able to get them for $164.99 Canadian on DVD from (other stores had similar promotions, but when I went to the Microsoft Store to buy an electronic copy/license the price was $199.99. I find it really somewhat stupid that Microsoft doesn't offer the same promotion online. I ended up buying it from Memory Express in Calgary where I dealt with the same guy for probably 10 years and after I purchased the DVD's he opened them and emailed me the product keys before he packed them up and sent them to me. This way I could activate my newly installed copies without having to wait for 2 days to get the DVD's.


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I have a windows 7 laptop, with both Jaws 16, and NVDA 2018.1.1 on it This morning, when I booted the system, I got a message in the corner of my screen, which said, "get windows 10" so I clicked it, and supposedly, reserved my copy.
note: at that time, I wasn't connected to wifi, but apparently it still worked.
I wish I could get that balloon back, now that I'm connected just to make sure.
Windows 7 is very slow.

What can I do?
Sorry for cross-posting but I felt that was best, since I have both screen-readers installed, although, Jaws is unlicensed.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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