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Hi Richard,


Yes, it is usable from the keyboard and often the only way to get to certain information.

You turn it on by pressing Shift+PC cursor. I think earlier I said doubl epress the PC cursor twice quickly, but that is how you turn it off again.

Try the Settings, go there with Control+I, tab once and press End to go to Update and Security, press enter to open it.

As soon as I press enter I hear Jaws say the following:


Your device is up to date. Last checked: Yesterday, ‏‎9:46 PM

Search box, Find a setting edit


Now, this information about your device is up to date and when it was checked is read, but if you now tab through all the options for Windows Update, the first item in “Upgrade and Security” you never hear it again, here is what you get:


Update & Security List box

Windows Update, 1 of 9

Check for updates Button

View installed update history Link

Change active hours Link

Restart options Link

Advanced options Link

Get help with your updates Link

Learn more Link

Check Storage Link

OS build info Link

Get help Link

Give us feedback Link

Home Button – this is the last item, tab once more and you are back in the settings search box:

Search box, Find a setting edit


Now, let’s do this:

I tab once from when I’m on “Windows Update”, the first of nine items in Update and Security, this puts me on “Check for Updates”.

Now turn on the touch cursor and arrow left once and bingo:

Check for updates Button – I just tabbed from the main list

Touch – I now turned on the touch cursor with Shift+PC cursor

Your device is up to date. Last checked: Yesterday, ‏‎9:46 PM – I arrowed left once and Jaws reads the information. You can now press NumPad Slash, the left mouse button to enter review mode and read that message word by word or character by character, pressing escape takes you out of review mode and you again are using th etouch cursor.

Check for updates button, has focus – I pressed right arrow again and will continue to do so, you notice at times Jaws now reads additional information from when you just tabbed through thes eoptions:

View installed update history link

Update settings

We’ll automatically download and install updates, except on metered connections (where charges may apply). In that case, we’ll automatically download only those updates required to keep Windows running smoothly.

Change active hours link – if you tab you go directly from View Update history to ACtive hours, the above text is not read


You get the point, just give it a try. Also, try to press enter on “Check for updates”, then turn on the touch cursor and arrow left.

Lastly, one app you may have to use from time to time is the Store app and as it is a UWP (universal windows platform) app you really need the touch cursor here.





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Subject: Touch Cursor


OK, time for revealing my jaws ignorance again.

Using Windows 10 Home 64 bit, Jaws 2018, no touch screen; is the touch cursor usable from the keyboard?

If so, when would you turn it on and perhaps more importantly, how to turn it on.


Quickly tapping the numpad plus, doesn’t say anything about a touch cursor, nor does double tapping the numpad-minus key, though it does say Invisible.


I tried searching Jaws quick keys with insert+v and searching for touch, but the only thing that came up did not help.








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