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Hi Owais,

From time to time I try the Vocalizer voices and then I think that they soud good and they are very responsive and so on. But I always find myself backwith Eloquence because while it is not human sounding, it often pronounces things better than the human voices and I can use it very fast which for me is important. When I use my computer at my business I want to get things done and Jaws is strictly the tool for that. I think for you coming from a Mac where you are used to Alex and other human sounding voices it makes sense that youlike Vocalizer voices, but for me and many others who go way back to the late 80's and early 90's where there were no such voices it is different. We were all used to actual speech synthesizers like DecTalk, Accent or, God forbid, DoubleTalk, those things could really talk fast, but the quality was horrendous yet we got used to them. For all of us when Eloquence came along as the first software synthesizer with better sound quality it was like heaven. Human sounding voices are great, but just as real humans, they don't usually sound so good if they try to talk really fast.

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Hi there. I to love Vocalizer Expressive specially version 2.2. The thing that I say about Voices not pronouncing things correct is that's where Braille becomes handy. If you have a Braille Display then as long as you can make sure that you've spelled things correctly voic pronounciation shouldn't matter. I like voices that sound more human sounding than those that can speak things really fast corrctly′ Thought it would be nice to share my thoughts on this.


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Hello All,

I have been a jaws user for almost 15 years now. I like the
vocalizer voices but do not care for their pronunciation. It is not
the same as eloquence. That is the only thing that stops me from using
the vocalizer voices. Does anyone know how to transfer the complete
pronunciation dictionary from eloquence to a vocalizer voice? -Andrew-

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