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Hi Owais,

I think you are over complicating this. I would just get a Windows PC or laptop and start using it, learn as you go. There is no point in reading 3 books trying to remember everything so, as you say, you "know the OS inside out" when afterwards you only use 30% of all that stuff. Maybe you are somebody who can remember everything you read and later recall and apply it, I am not that person, I find it much easier to just use it and then if I need to do something which I don't know I can find out by trying or asking and then I am more likely to remember it. I doubt Windows is more messy than OSX and on nice thing is that there are many way sto do something in Windows. Especially Windows 10 now I find is quite easy to use, you have two main areas where you ca go to make changes to all sorts of settings and that is either the main Settings app or the old Control Panel which still exists. Otherwise if you know where the Windows key is and you know about Tab, Alt+Tab, Alt+F4 to close things and the arrow keys you are already well able to do things.
For us blind folks there is of course the additional learning curve for the screenreader and I would say that is probably the larger learning curve. You will need to know how to navigate with Jaws, but Jaws has a very good set of help files and other resources online. I am not sure what kind of computer user you are, if you plan to buy a laptop and are often mobile where you want to rely using the laptop's keyboard which may not have a numeric pad you should probably learn how to use Jaws with the laptop keyboard layout. But if not or if your laptop has a numeric pad (I would never buy one that doesn't) than do yourself a favour and use the desktop layout which uses the numeric pad for almost all things Jaws. The 0/insert key on the numeric pad is the Jaws key, the NumPad minus is the Jaws cursor key and the NumPad Plus is the PC cursor key, double pressing it twice quickly turns on th eso-called Touch cursor which in Windows 10 can be quite useful as the Jaws cursor often does not see as much information as it used to. As I said, don't over-think this, if you are an experienced computer user it's not that difficult.


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On 4/15/2018 4:07 AM, Owais Patel wrote:
The one thing I love about MacO is although there is interacting everything is really organized therefore the operating system itself isn't too messy. I find Windows really messy because there are different things when you use the Tabkey to navigate and when you use the Arrow keys.
That is my Number One complaint about VoiceOver. Sometimes TAB takes you through all the fields in a dialog, sometimes VoiceOver+Right-Arrow will do it. The point is that the user must try both, there is no one hundred percent sure way of knowing which way is the correct way. In Windows, there's only one way--the TAB key. I am not saying there should not be more than one way to do something, but if there is, make those two ways functionally equal. Don't skip anything.

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