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Hi, Mario. What I am saying is that, even if you put the same entries into the dictionary of the Vocalizer voices as they were in the Elequence voice, they won't be pronounced the same way as they were in Eloquence. This is because the Vocalizer voices pronounce the same groups of letters differently from the way Eloquence pronounces the same groups of letters.

I wasn't saying that there aren't pronunciation dictionaries for the Vocalizer voices, only that you will need to find completely different spellings to make the Vocalizer voices pronounce words the same way they were pronounced with Eloquence.

Bill White

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oh yes there is.

start the dictionary manager,
press control+shift+d if you want the changes to apply to all programs
you decide to use,
press tab to skip past the add button,
if the entry you want to "transfer" is in a language folder, arrow to it
and press right arrow to reveal it's entries.),
arrow to the entry you want to transfer,
note that there maybe entries that apply to all languages, which are not
found in any language folder but at the bottom of this list.

tab to and space bar on the change button or just press alt+c,
tab until you get to a language combo box or just press alt+l.
from here, you can make the appropriate changes including the next 2, 3,
or 4 combo boxes by subsequently tabbing to them and making the
appropriate choice,
and finally space barring on the ok button.

unfortunately, I know of no way to "transfer" a group of
words/pronunciations at one shot. it looks like you'll have to do each
one by one. tedious to say the least.

I hope this is what is wanted. good luck.
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I don't think it is possible to transfer the Eloquence pronunciation
dictionaries to the Vocalizer engine.

Bill White

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Hello All,

I have been a jaws user for almost 15 years now. I like the
vocalizer voices but do not care for their pronunciation. It is not
the same as eloquence. That is the only thing that stops me from using
the vocalizer voices. Does anyone know how to transfer the complete
pronunciation dictionary from eloquence to a vocalizer voice? -Andrew-


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