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Bill White <billwhite92701@...>

Hi, Val. Here's what I do concerning the Lost Focus message. I turn it on for specific applications. I have it off for the Windows configuration, which is what loads when the system first boots up. I keep the Lost Focus message on for any application that requires editing, such as Notepad, Word, Wordpad, HJPad, Outlook, Internet Explorer, etc. This way, if I'm attempting to stay in an edit field, and the window loses focus, I won't waste my time typing into a non-focused window without an edit field.

Bill White

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Exactly. You don't even need the message, because you know it loses focus every time you boot up.

But it is a personal choice, if you like extra babble, leave it on.

All the best


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Val, don't worry about the lack of focus message. My JAWS gives the same message when I turn on the computer and I just press my shortcut keys to open my email and go into Word.

Have a happy day.


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