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Steve Nutt

You know you can open the PDF with JAWS as well? See my previous message.

All the best


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The only thing that works for me is OCR--either with JAWS spacebar+insert, then o, then d for document; or Open the .pdf with Openbook. JAWS can't guess where the spaces should be, but OCR knows that there are words.

Good luck!
At 09:07 AM 4/14/2018, you wrote:
I think the sighted are able to read it fine. Converting it into word
is very time-consuming. Is there no other solution?

On 14/04/2018, Richard Turner <richardturner42@...> wrote:
My experience with PDF documents is that sometimes, while visually
they may look fine, a screen reader will put words together.
Then again, sometimes they are just run together in the PDF.
Try bringing it into Word and see if that helps.

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