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Steve Nutt

Hi all,

Val, it's one of those personal choice things. Turn it off if it annoys you. It certainly annoys the heck out of me. You really don't need it, unless your computer loses focus all the time.

And yes, I am totally blind.

All the best


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Hi Carolyn!

A guy who is totally blind, and works with computers told me to turn the anouncement off, so i have.

While i'm on, bought a Logitech bluetooth keyboard for my fire tablet as i'm not getting on very well with the touch screen.

The thing is, now i can't get a list of the key strokes anywhere.

Do you happen to know of anyone who may have them?

If you do, you could maybe send them to me.



On 13/04/2018 15:27, Carolyn Arnold wrote:
I don't think so, Val, just a nuisance that I never heard of until a couple of years ago.

Best regards,


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Hi Everyone!

Hope someone can help!

Everyone time i turn on my computer after the start up, Jaws keeps anouncing "Losing focus"

Is there any way this can be rectified?


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