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Steve Nutt

Hi Val,

Actually, if you boot up to Windows then immediately press JAWS key and T, you get Lost Focus, so I believe Dan is wrong in this. If you press any key after boot up, then focus is sometimes regained.

All the best


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Hi Dan!

I have unactivatated in the verbosity menue the button which gives out that message, and everything seems to be fine.

This system is only a few months old.



On 13/04/2018 14:20, Dan Longmore wrote:
This should not occur at start up. Sometimes JAWS loses focus after working with one window and shifting to another but at start up is unusual in my opinion unless you have older system or programs that take long time to load. Also, JAWS is good at losing focus while working.

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Hi Everyone!

Hope someone can help!

Everyone time i turn on my computer after the start up, Jaws keeps anouncing "Losing focus"

Is there any way this can be rectified?


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