Moderated Re: Making The Use Of Both Hands When Navigating With Jaws To Make A Similar Experience Like Voiceover On The Mac

Steve Matzura

On 4/15/2018 4:07 AM, Owais Patel wrote:
The one thing I love about MacO is although there is interacting everything is really organized therefore the operating system itself isn't too messy. I find Windows really messy because there are different things when you use the Tabkey to navigate and when you use the Arrow keys.
That is my Number One complaint about VoiceOver. Sometimes TAB takes you through all the fields in a dialog, sometimes VoiceOver+Right-Arrow will do it. The point is that the user must try both, there is no one hundred percent sure way of knowing which way is the correct way. In Windows, there's only one way--the TAB key. I am not saying there should not be more than one way to do something, but if there is, make those two ways functionally equal. Don't skip anything.

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