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Nino Dagostino

Thank you very much.

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I do not use extremely large text files, but the largest text file that I have ever heard of that has been opened by notepad is 0.5 GB. I do not know anything about the relation of computer hardware.
Now, I have never tested the 0.5 GB myself, just read about it a few years ago.

I also read somewhere about notepad having a limit on total lines in the file. Do not remember what that number was, just know that it was over a million.

Hope this helps,


On Apr 9, 2018, at 2:14 PM, Mario <mrb620@...> wrote:

Chris, it's not a big deal, but do you know if Notepad has a maximum
limit to how big of a text file can be opened? results from
researching says it is basically limited by the computer’s hardware
configuration (how much memory, hard drive capacity, etc.). the
largest I found was mentioned to be 512 MB but was theoretically estimated to be 16 TB.
I also noted that the larger the file is, the longer it takes Notepad
to open it, and the length of time depends on other technical specs of
the computer used.

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yes, you can have multiple notepad documents open at the same time, I
am a big notepad user and do it all the time.


On Apr 9, 2018, at 11:08 AM, Nino Dagostino <ndagostino3@...> wrote:


Thanks for responding.

Some times I have to have several files open at a time.

I will see if Notepad can do that, I know that notepad++ will do that.

Our instructor in our class says we should use notepad++

That's is why I am trying to use it.

Thank you

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what is the problem with Wordpad?
would Notepad be of use to you? it comes with any edition of Windows,
no need to download a seperate program.
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Has anybody worked with Notepad++?

I just started using notepad++

I noticed Jaws does not when you are trying to highlite text.

If some one could point me in the direction for some wordpad help.

The other question I have is there a better text editor that would
work better with Jaws.

My tutor and I are coding web pages.

Any help would be appreciated.


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