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Tom <tomcat509@...>

Thanks for the advice Mike.


I have version 18 as well as 2018 so will take the info on board.







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Hi Tom,


Here's a tip on installing Jaws on a new computer, especially since it's suggested to have more than one version of Jaws installed.  If you're going to install multiple versions of Jaws, start by installing the earlier versions first.  i.e, install Jaws 17, then install Jaws 18, & then install Jaws 2018, but do not authorize until you install the latest version, Jaws 2018.  By waiting to authorize until the latest version, authorizing this version will authorize the earlier versions at the same time.

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If you install Jaws on a new system you do have to activate it, you can do this by inserting your authorization disk or by manually typing in your authorization key (I have mine saved where I can quickly find it, then I simply copy and paste into the appropriate field). As many computers don’t have DVD drives any more entering it manually might be your only option, I think it’s a 20-digit code.

Once Jaws is installed and authorized you can definitely restore your Settings from a backup.





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Hi Bill,


It appears that I did not explain myself clearly.  Yes, I migrated to Jaws some months ago and went through the Jaws registration etc without problems.   


My main concern was that if I went through with buying a new system and loaded the latest Jaws on to it, would I need to go through the registration etc hoops all over again.


But, after studying your previous message regarding exporting the Jaws settings, it occurred to me that all this info may be in the exported settings and their installation may take care of this problem.





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You probably want to call VFO-Group, better known as Freedom Scientific. You can call them at

800-444-4443. They used to have a deal for WE users who migrated to JAWS, but I don’t know if that promo is still in effect. You’d need to talk to the sales department or the customer service department about registering JAWS after your migration from WindowEyes. I’d call them, though, because you never know what they might do for you until you call them.



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Thanks very much for the info on backing up Bill.


Being a fairly recent convert to Jaws from WE, I am not sure about the registering etc of a newly installed Jaws. Is  this going to cause me some grief and if so, how do I go about it?







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Hi, Tom.


1. Press INSERT plus J for the JAWS menu.

2. Press U for the Utilities Menu.

3. Press I for the Import/Export sub menu

4. Press E for Export Settings.

5. Select Type Export all settings

6. Press ENTER on the Next > Button

7. Select a location and name for your backup file.

8. If you don't select a different location the backup file will probably go in


9. Press the Finish Button

10. You will be taken to an Export Results dialog

11. Press ENTER on the OK Button

12. to import settings, repeat steps 1 and 2, but select the import menu.

13. select the location from which to import the JAWS2018SettingsBackup.sbak file.

14. Complete any other prompts to get to the OK button.


That's it.



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Subject: Jaws 2018 settings backup




Using latest Jaws 2018 and W10 Home 64 bit.


I am thinking seriously of replacing my 7 year old desktop with a new system and was wondering how the Jaws 2018 settings could be backed up for later installation.  What do I need to do to achieve this?


Also, what do I need to do to setup Jaws on the new system as far as registration etc goes?   


Is there anything else needed to be done on the Jaws front to have a smooth change from one computer to another? A copy of the latest Jaws has been already saved to an external drive.





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