moderated OneDrive ransomware protection

Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>



When I just booted up my computer I got an alert that OneDrive wants me to add protection so I can easily restore my files. At first I was wondering what that was all about because of course the reason why I use OneDrive is that I have a cloud backup and can sync my files between multiple devices. I Googled this and found the following article on The Verge:

Microsoft is adding ransomware protection to its OneDrive cloud storage so you can restore files easily


I then clicked on the alert and it took me to a Windows where I was on a “Protect” button which I then activated. This sounds like a nice feature and an upgrade which make OneDrive even better.


I though I post this to the Windows 10, Jaws and Viphone list because even though this does not strictly relate to iOS most of us who use OneDrive of course also use the iOS app or access it through the new Files app.





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