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Me Again,
Here are the keyboard shortcuts for Magnifier.
Summary: Keyboard shortcuts for working with Magnifier
table with 2 columns and 10 rows
Press this key | To do this |
Windows logo key +plus (+) or minus (-) | Zoom in or out |
Ctrl+Alt+Spacebar | Preview the desktop in full-screen mode |
Ctrl+Alt+D | Switch to docked mode |
Ctrl+Alt+F | Switch to full-screen mode |
Ctrl+Alt+I | Invert colors |
Ctrl+Alt+L | Switch to lens mode |
Ctrl+Alt+R | Resize the lens |
Ctrl+Alt+arrow keys | Pan in the direction of the arrow keys |
Windows logo key +Esc | Exit Magnifier |

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Hi all,

I know Windows 10 has Narrator to add speech , but is there magnification available in Windows 10 as well? And if so, how do I turn it on and off?



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