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Tom Coburn

hi everyone,

I have a Fusion 11 home license that i want to upgrade to fusion 2018,  but i don’t have the $200 all at once,  because I lost my job in february.

i lost my job with DXC technologies because the place i worked for took zoomtext off my computer.  I had a corporate workstation & company wouldmt pay the bill for a corporate license.   how much does the corporate license cost?   I don’t even know they wouldn’t tell me for sure?  

anyway,  this just goes to prove fusion is the perfect priduct for me because i have a smidgen of sight left but not enough to read print anymore.  i mean i can at very high magnification levels but i really need speech to distingquish beteeen 8’s & 6’s & some other letters & numbers. I’ve been trying to make the transition from zoomtext to jaws but jaws is still very confusing to me.   do you guys have any suggestions how to make the transition easier?  even with a fusion 11 home license i know zoomtext real well but Jaws I don’t really get at all & I don’t know where to go for help especially now that I’m unemployed and VR won’t help me.

VR has this new stupid rule that blindness no longer enough disabled to be a VR client no more so no one will help me.  


Tom Coburn

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