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Q: moving my old POP folders to new IMAP setup in outlook 2016

I'm sure there is already an answer out there for this issue but I'm not
attuned to the lingo so I apologize upfront for a duplicate subject. If you
of an answer out there for my issue, if you could please direct me to it I
thank you ahead of time.

I have been using POP settings for an e-mail account using outlook 2003,
2007, 2013 and now 2016 on one computer via a Comcast hosted e-mail for many

I now want to be able to use this same e-mail account from multiple
computers/devices with the data remaining synced so I think I need to make
this e-mail
setup using an IMAP (right?).

I can make the new IMAP account and it sends and receives new e-mails just
fine using my old e-mail address.

I would like all of my old folders in the POP setup from this same e-mail
address to be shown/included in this new IMAP setup. 

I have those saved e-mail folders and sent e-mail folders in the old pop
account that I would like to bring into the new IMAP setup.

I'm sure this is a simple issue but I cannot figure out how to get those
folders into this new e-mail setup.+

Hopefully this makes sense.

I am currently using outlook 2016

I have an original export and a backup of the old POP e-mail .PST file so if
I need to start over that is alright.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

As far as I know, if you have configured your POP account with “Leave a copy
on the server” selected, the folders will be also synced while you configure
this account via IMAP.

Even if you haven’t selected this option, you can still export the data
(emails as well as folders) to a .PST file. The detailed steps should be:
from the POP account, select your POP account’s name (email address) and
then “Include subfolders”> “Do not export duplicate items”. After you get
.PST file, you can import it into your newly configured IMAP account. The
detailed steps should be: “Do not import duplicates”> select “Outlook Data
“Include Subfolders”> “Import the items into the same folder in”> select
your IMAP account.

For your old .PST file, make sure whether it was exported as I suggested
above. If not, you can refer to the above information to re-export and then
import it.

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Have you tried exporting the folders using the POP and then importing to

See if the Import/Export dialog in the File menu works.

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Hello all: Actually, what I was wondering about was moving all the folders
over from a pop to an imap account. Folder navigation has proven so fraught
with difficulty. Anyone have advice on that?


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It's a matter of changing the port numbers, and sometimes the server names
themselves. I am using Outlook 2010 with IMAP as I write this.

The only thing you may notice is occasional error messages about Outlook
being unable to sync with the servers.

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Subject: Outlook 2010 moving from pop to imap

Hi all: I'm contemplating moving my outlook 1010 email account from a pop
server to imap. Is there an easy way to do that?
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