moderated Re: setup signatures in outlook 2016, with JAWS 2018



Give the following steps a whirl;


Creating a signature in Outlook 2010/2016


1.  Alt+f=file menu.

2.  T=options.

3. Down-Arrow once to mail.

4. Tab several times until you  get to the word signature.

5.  Press you're spacebar or, enter key.

6. Tab a few times.

7. "you  will hear/see "signature to edit". 

8  Arrow up/ down until you find the email address that you want to attach

to your signature.

9 Tab twice, you will hear, "New signature".

10. Press enter.

11. Type a name for your signature.  Example; the account/email address, 

12.  Press tab then spacebar or, enter  on the okay button.

13.  Now  you are placed on the signature page.  As you tab/navigate  read

your choices for font.

14  When you arrive within the edit box here you can type in your signature,

then tab and press the okay button.

15.  You're now  given a screen of various choices.  Tab through to decide

whether you wish to check or uncheck any of these boxes.  Once you tab to

the okay button and press enter, you are placed back into the inbox and have

created you're signature.


From: <> On Behalf Of Jessica D
Sent: Wednesday, April 4, 2018 8:28 PM
Subject: setup signatures in outlook 2016, with JAWS 2018



I’m using jaws 2018.

I’dlike to setup signatures for my various email accounts.


How can I do this?

JAWS won’t read the diaglog box.





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