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Kane Brolin

On 4/3/18, David & his pack of dogs <myguidedogis@...> wrote:
Well, in my ignorance, why not just go to the station that is broadcasting the game you > want? For example, Blue Jays games, I believe are being
broadcast on the Fan 590 AM.
This is a fair question, David, until it dawns on us that in most
cases, the free-of-charge, live stream of a radio station is usually
blacked out to all would-be listeners during the hours when a
professional sports contest is actually being played. This is not
always the case, but I find it is true in most cases. This is because
MLB, just like the NFL and NBA, wants these games to be available to
paid subscribers only, and they are pretty good at using technology to
block access to even the audio feed for anyone who has not paid to
receive it.

If you choose to subscribe to MLB's basic package, which includes
audio feeds, I find (as some other listers have found) that these
functions work on mobile devices, such as the iPhone or iPad, in a
more accessible manner than how they work on a Windows PC. I used to
subscribe annually to the MLB's GameDay Audio service intended for
computers, but for the last three or four years I have not done this.
I just pay $19.99 for to subscribe to the MLB At Bat mobile
application for the entire season, which works from anywhere on either
of my connected Apple devices; so regardless of whether I am in my
house, in my office, on the road in a car or an airport or on a train,
I can be connected to the audio feed of any MLB game I want.

Another, slightly more expensive solution, entails subscribing to
SiriusXM. This is significantly more expensive, and it does give you
significantly more than any particular sport's live games, because
there are hundreds of separate channels of 24×7 music, news,
entertainment, and talk, as well as specific sporting event feeds
covering everything from professional baseball and world soccer to
football, basketball, hockey, and mixed martial arts--even some major
college men's sports. On a small fixed income, SiriusXM would not be
affordable for many. It is my major media-related indulgence, as I
do not subscribe to cable or satellite television of any kind.
Another, similar option is the premium (for-pay) edition of TuneIn
Radio, which gives you listening options through Windows or through
connected mobile devices and which includes live MLB and NFL in this
premium package.

With a paid subscription either to SiriusXM or to TuneIn Radio, you
get access to online listening--including the live feeds of all MLB
games all season long--and this does work in Windows with virtually
any browser, including Internet Explorer. You do not, however,
receive the ability to go back and hear archived games from past
seasons or even this present baseball season.



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