moderated Re: JAWS 18.0.4354 - Navigation issue within JAWS itself


Follow-Up Report

I did get on the horn (or at least tried to) with VFO but discovered the solution to the issue in the JAWS Verbosity Settings by trial and error.   In Windows in general and JAWS, typically, when you have a settings dialog that's set up as a tree view on the left and controls on the right, much in the same way Windows/File Explorer is, you hit tab to throw focus from the left side navigation area to the controls on the right.  In the case of the JAWS Verbosity settings the navigation tree has a one to one correspondence to each control on the right side, which is unusual, so when you are sitting on any one of the items in the navigation tree hitting the space bar activates the control itself.  All of the controls I was dealing with were dropdown lists, so each successive press of the space bar moves to the next item in the list, eventually cycling back to the first choice.

This was particularly peculiar for me because the visual presentation was unusual, too.  It was not obvious that the control actually had focus when you were on the corresponding navigation item.

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