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Gerald, There was a news item where computer scamming was close to the top
of crimes. So, sorry to ruin your fun however, computer scams would not be
ignored. Smile. I should also jump in here. Just because you call the MS
help desk, does not insure you get qualified help. It is rare however, I
have experienced first hand a person there who kept giving me sighted
directions even though I told her I was using JAWS as a screen reader and
had a vision problem. Comments such as, "You see that red X in the top of
the screen? ?Click on it. Or, click on the yellow ? on the bottom of your
screen." When she asked for me to maximize the screen. I told her I was
not sure how to do that. Her response, "You see the yellow ? at the bottom
of the screen, click on that." Now she keeps calling me for a follow up
even though the problem has long been solved by level 2 techs. She even
called during the window of time they gave me to call me on this problem.
Yes, I have given her a scathing review on the feedback email I was sent by
Microsoft. At least I think it was Microsoft. Grin.

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When I experienced the ransomware attack I described previously, I Googled
the 800 number I called and discovered that it was supposedly the number for
a legitimate computer repair company in Los Angeles. I suspect that the
scammers had hacked or hijacked this number so that calls were routed to
their offshore base of operations instead of the real company. So checking
the 800 number on Google may not be very helpful. Some tech experts actually
suggest calling the police if you experience such a ransomware attack. Can
you imagine anything so stupid? You call your local police precinct,
explain your situation to the desk sargeant, and he tells you, sorry
pal,can't help you. We have more important things to worry about like
solving murders and getting dangerous criminals off the streets. And if you
call 911, the dispatcher will probably send a pair of cops to your home to
arrestyou for reporting an emergency that is not life-threatening and
wasting their time. Call the FBI? What can they do if the scammers are
located overseas, well out of reach of the long arm of the law. There's
always Interpol, but my image of them comes from James Bond movies where
they are portrayed as a bunch of inept stuffed shirts who run around Europe
in Giorgio Armani suits and spend most of their time in Monte Carlo casinos
looking for blackjack cheaters. So there is really no place to turn.


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Hi John: Did you try copying that number to the clipboard and searching the
web to see if it's legit/

Hope your system is okay.


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When surfing the web last night, I entered on a link and got a pop up window
that stated Windows detected my system was attacked by spyware. It stated
the spyware was now stealing my credit card numbers, passwords, and the
rest. It also stated this verbally in a female voice with what sounded like
a British accent. It demanded that I call Microsoft at an 800 number it
provided. It also stated that if I closed the window without calling that
Microsoft 800 number, Microsoft would to protect their system disable my IP

I never trust pop ups from the web so tried to close the window without
success. I then shut down my system, but when I powered back up the pop up
came up again. This time though, I was able to close the window. I ran a
virus scan with Windows Defender and there were threats found. I entered on
the take action link and let it run its course. I then ran MRT.exe which
found nothing. Then I shut down the system and have not started it since.
Keep your fingers crossed that it is gone when I power up.

For your information, I am sending this message from my work computer, so
should not be infected.

Has anyone heard of this and is the 800 number legit?

Any help would be appreciated.


John Doering

Administrative Pricing Specialist

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