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Yeah, I’ve had a couple of these calls come through, I love letting them go through their speel  about microsoft noticing I have an issue, then tell them I’ve got a MAC! Haha, I don’t actually have a mac, its just fun winding them up!. To be fair though the honest truth is you have to remember Microsoft are simply a company that supply your operating system and have no way of detecting if you have a problem or a virus, and even if they did they wouldn’t contact everyone about virus’s on their PC’s since it would take thousands upon thousands of manpower  hours to do and since they are only the providers of operating system its not something that has anything to do with them , so even if they could detect it they still wouldn’t contact you , that is what your anti-virus software is for.





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Something like that is absolutely definitely not for real. If you had called this line they would have probably asked you to connect them to your computer to fix “the issue” and next thing you wold have been told that your computer was now encryped and if you want  it back you need to send them whatever amount of money.

I have even recceived phone calls where the person (usually with a heavy accent) was claiming to be from Microsoft and I urgently needed to give them access to my computer because they had detected it was infected by a bad virus… I usually have a bit of fun with these idiots before hanging up on them, some of them get outright nasty and threaten that I would get arrested if I don’t cooperate etc. Very funny.


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If you know the 800 number, you could Google it from your work computer to find out if it is for real, which I highly doubt.

But, I'd call Microsoft accessibility: 800-936-5900 from before turning on the computer. Ideally, from a speaker phone so when you turn it on, if the pop-up comes up they can hear it. 






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When surfing the web last night, I entered on a link and got a pop up window that stated Windows detected my system was attacked by spyware.  It stated the spyware was now stealing my credit card numbers, passwords, and the rest.  It also stated this verbally in a female voice with what sounded like a British accent.  It demanded that I call Microsoft at an 800 number it provided.  It also stated that if I closed the window without calling that Microsoft 800 number, Microsoft would to protect their system disable my IP address.

I never trust pop ups from the web so tried to close the window without success.  I then shut down my system, but when I powered back up the pop up came up again.  This time though, I was able to close the window.  I ran a  virus scan with Windows Defender and there were threats found.  I entered on the take action link and let it run its course.  I then ran MRT.exe which found nothing.  Then I shut down the system and have not started it since.  Keep your fingers crossed that it is gone when I power up.

For your information, I am sending this message from my work computer, so should not be infected. 

Has anyone heard of this and is the 800 number legit?

Any help would be appreciated.





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