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I've been following this thread with great interest.  Thanks for all of you for sharing. I'd like to add that saving passwords in   braille feels pretty safe to me. With all the other braille notes and pages that float around my office, no burglar is likely to know which one to take- nor is he likely to take the time to research braille to crack my notes. smile.

Granted it is more work for me to look up than would be a password manager but security is more important to me than convenience.  JMO


On 3/31/2018 12:27 PM, paul lemm wrote:

Another thing I would quickly add on this subject, any IT security person will tell you that storing all your passwords in one file be it on your hard drive or a separate thumb drive is probably the least safe option, since if a hacker wants this information its fairly easy to get and its all in one place with absolutely no security , if you store it on an external hard drive/flash drive and worst case situation you get burgled potentially if they steal your external drive or whatever your password is on, again you've given them everything in one neat little file that they don't even need a password to access.


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Perhaps I'm old and not as informed as I should be, but my problem with these password manager programs is that if someone somehow gets your credentials, they will suddenly have access to all of your passwords.

If I'm in error about this, please let me know.

Tom Behler

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KeePass, LastPass, and my particular favorite, 1Password.

On 3/31/2018 10:34 AM, Val Paul wrote:
Hi Everyone!

Recently i've found that i've become terrible at remembering passwords
for different things and sites, does anyone have any suggestions?


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