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Steve Matzura

And thereby hangs another tail. Some password managers, like 1Password version 6, do store password vaults in the cloud, making the same vault accessible to multiple devices. Some don't like cloud-based password storage, so there's 1Password version 4, which stores your personal vault locally. Oh yes, forgot to mention, many password managers allow multiple vaults, so if you're really manic about security, you can store different things in different vaults, each of which has a separate password. And no, the password manager isn't smart enough to tell if you use the same password on multiple vaults. <grin>..

On 3/31/2018 11:44 AM, Cristóbal wrote:
Use a password manager. This topic has come up quite a bit on this list in the past with accessible options mentioned such as 1Password, LastPass being the more popular ones along with others.
I personally use 1Password which has individual as well as family plans.

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Hi Everyone!

Recently i've found that i've become terrible at remembering passwords for different things and sites, does anyone have any suggestions?


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