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Steve Matzura

A password manager is an application program that runs on a computer, phone, or tablet. It encrypts and can generate passwords for Websites and other things, all of which are stored in a single file called a password vault, store, or locker. On Mac OS, passwords are stored in an object called a keychain, which is really the same thing as the aforementioned. Every time a Website is visited and a password to log in is required, the user presses a special key combination to wake up the password manager, which prompts the user for the master password to unlock the password store, and the password manager puts the login information into the Web form and dispatches it.

Some password managers, like 1Pass and LastPass, store other kinds of private and protectable information, like software licenses and registrations, credit cards, etc. These items must be manually retrieved when needed since there is no way to tell an information manager where and how a piece of data can or should be exposed. Websites are a specific case, though.

You can search for more password managers, but these three have been found to be very usable and accessible:





On 3/31/2018 11:15 AM, Val Paul wrote:
How do they work, and how do you get that?


On 31/03/2018 16:12, Steve Matzura wrote:
That's exactly why you need a password manager, not a document you have to mess around with.

On 3/31/2018 10:49 AM, Val Paul wrote:
Hi Tom!

Thanks for that. I'll try and remember the passwords long enough to do this.

The problem is, i've got so much on my mind with hubby being so ill, that nothing seems to stay in my head long enough.


On 31/03/2018 15:38, Tom Behler wrote:

I have so many user names and passwords that I have resorted to creating a document listing them all.  I store this document on a separate external hard drive that only I have access to.  Of course, you could store the list on a thumb drive if that would be easier.

Dr.  Tom Behler from Michigan

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Hi Everyone!

Recently i've found that i've become terrible at remembering passwords for different things and sites, does anyone have any suggestions?


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