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Hi Jim,


Whether you can import your W-2 or not would depend on your software.  I would think it would be more likely if you purchased a tax package for that feature to be available.  I have used different free file online and I have never noticed that option.  I would suggest you get a trusted person to read the W-2 to you and take detailed notes.  There can be a lot of details to use for a tax return.  I am not sure how well the PDF will tell you which box you are in and the information inside that box.


Also if you begin with one free file online company and for some reason the accessibility does not work, just exit out of that and begin with a new company.  This is less likely to occur now than it did in the past, but I wanted you to know you have some flexibility.


You do need to set aside some time for this even with a very simple tax return.  There will be a lot of screens to answer questions and depending on your own understanding of taxes, you may need to read explanations before you can answer.  Remember you can start a tax return and pause and come back at a later time.  You do not need to complete the return in a single session.


One thing I do as well is prepare the return and then let it sit for a week or so before I actually perform the final step and submit.  I realize we are down to the last couple of weeks, but sometimes you realize you need to change something and this gives you the opportunity to do this.


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Subject: Re: Free and Accessible Tax preparation software?


Thanks. If I have a pdf version of my W2, will I be able to import it or something?


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I have used the IRS Free file program for years.  I have found the web sites very accessible.  One aspect which may not be accessible is if a photo of a W-2 is shown and you are expected to fill it in.  Keep to the Q and A and it should work.  Note if you also need to file a state income tax return, the rules vary for free filing there.  For example, in my state, to get free file for both tax returns, I must enter the system through the state portal.  I get to the same places, but all is free instead of going through the IRS web site.  Good luck.





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Subject: Free and Accessible Tax preparation software?


Good afternoon,


I was wondering if anyone here has used or knows of any good and free tax preparation software that works well with JAWS.  I have a super easy w2 form for tax purposes, and I’d hate to go somewhere to be charged for doing taxes if I can do it online.  I just don’t know of any good and easy software that can walk me through the tax prep process.

If anyone can help, please let me know.




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