moderated Re: PD Quesrtion with JawsF

Michael Mote

Hi Mike! You will need to open the files with Adobe Reader, and not Edge.
If it were me, I would download the files to my harddrive, and then use the
applications key. Once you have the context menu pulled up, scroll down to
the option that says Recognize with JAWS. Hope this helps!

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Subject: PD Quesrtion with JawsF

I have three paper documents, that I took to Staples and had scanned onto a
thumb drive as pdf files. Put them into my computer and tried using ocr to
read themn. No luck. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. When I openn
them, Edge comes up, but won't read them either. I know the are there, as
my sighted wife can see them. Any help appreciated. I'm using Windows 10
and Jaws 2018..


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