moderated Re: bookmarks for column and row titles in Excel 2016

Jeremy Johansen

Reading row and column headers works in Excel 2016 using the same names as earlier versions.  There are a few cases where the headers may not read.  If you have multiple sheets, you need to define the title for each worksheet in the workbook. Since the same name can not be used more than once, I usually number them sequentially, e.g. Title1.. Title2.. Title3.. etc. and associate each with the respective sheet.  For worksheets with multiple tables in a worksheet, the   TitleRegion name is helpful.  Here are a couple examples.

“TitleRegion1.A1.J10.1” defines the first region to be A1 through J10 in sheet #1 and tells JAWS to read both the column and row titles.

“RowTitleRegion3.A12.C50.2” defines row titles in region 3 for cells A12 through C50 in worksheet #2 and tells JAWS to read the row headers.

On 3/25/2018 1:49 PM, Ann Byrne wrote:

Using Excel 2016, in old Excel workbooks where I have created bookmarks per the JAWS training materials in earlier versions of Excel, JAWS reads row and column titles as expected.  When I create the bookmarks in Excel 2016, however, JAWS reads neither row nor column titles.  Is there something I need to do besides going to "define name" and entering "title" ... ?
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