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Dan Longmore

Thanks, will try moving file as I am using One Drive.  Also found that using the “Tab” key makes a difference.  Yes, JAWS is good but since VFO bought them and nudged out Window Eyes it appears to me that tech support and reliability has fallen off.  Nvidia is good for routine tasks but not as much for major work projects.



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Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2018 10:26 PM
Subject: Re: Jaws and XL


Can you be more specific? I have no issues with Excel 2016 and Jaws 2018 latest update on my Windows 7 work desktops or my Windows 10 laptop.

Which OS are you using? Which version of Jaws?

Also, are the files you are opening stored in a OneDrive folder? I did have some problems a few weeks ago where Excel crashed if I tried to open a file which was in OneDrive, as soon as I copied said file to say the Desktop or another local folder it was fine. However, this problem disappeared for me again as well.


As for competition, there is NVDA, I don’t use it because I have been a Jaws user for 29 years this fall (starting with Jaws for DOS of course, and I just can’t get used to NVDA. But those who use it a lot seem to like it quite a bit.





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Subject: Jaws and XL


 Jaws is back to crushing hanging in freezing with excel 2016 I am using the latest versions of both. Any ideas? All for the days of window eyes. Hopefully somebody can compete soon with jaws so they will have better incentive to fix on going bugs 


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