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Ann Byrne

It's a four-key command: insert+ctrl+shift+c.

Good luck!

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Due to problems with my new laptop and having to drop it off at the place I purchased it, I had to use my old one. This is Windows 7 and Excel 2010. The key strokes are Jaws key, alt, shift and the letter C. It now says unknown. When I tried the Jaws key, alt, control and the letter C it doesn't say anything. What is up?

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Place your focus in a cell in the column you have the titles you wish to have spoken. Then the key stroke is JAWS key + alt +control+ c. Which will toggle the title reading on and off.
Note it is control and not shift.


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I have tried reading column titles through many versions of Jaws and it never has worked. I'm using Jaws2018 and Windows 10. I press the keys jaws, alt, shift and the letter C and it says no column title. There is a column title. Do I need to turn on something else within Jaws to get this to work.



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