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That's for Windows 10, and I'm still on Windows 7. But thanks, nonetheless.

Oregonian, woodworker, Engineer, Musician, and Pioneer

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Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2018 03:56
Subject: Sound in Safe Mode?


Interestingly, I've just come across an article which says the windows
update that is due out soon will have a number of accessibility improvements
and that one of the features will be the ability to use narrator in safe
mode. This isn't currently in windows at the moment , but looks like it will
be soon, if your interested the link to the article is below


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Hi Dave,

Yeah, no problem, what's the best address to send it to?


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Dave here. Thanks for the offer, and I'll take a look, if you'd like to send
me what you have off-list. Jonas was not as forthcoming, it appears. What I
could find so far on the web requires booting in safe mode and then changing
a setting in control panel, which nullifies any benefit.

Oregonian, woodworker, Engineer, Musician, and Pioneer

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Subject: Re: Sound in Safe Mode?


I saw a similar topic to this a few years back and someone posted a link to
the required registry commands to get speech in safe mode, it was back when
I was running XP, so I'm not sure if it would even still work with later
versions of windows. Now since someone provided the link I downloaded the
required registery keys and the instructions were just click the file , then
select run and it would put in the required registry keys to allow speech in
safe mode. Now I never actually tried this so I can't confirm whether it
actually works, and I don't know enough about registry keys to confirm what
running these keys would actually do, and whether it might cause any system
problems, but if anyone more tech savvy than me wants to take a look I'd be
happy to share the file, but again I didn't write it and haven't ever used
it so can't confirm the legitimacy of the keys.


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Subject: Sound in Safe Mode?


I'd like to learn more about that. Please provide the web site where you
learned this.

Oregonian, woodworker, Engineer, Musician, and Pioneer

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Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2018 05:38
Subject: Re: HP Lap top with a missing key

You don’t need site to help you in safe mode. You can find on the internet
an REG file to automatically turn on your sound in safe mode!

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Subject: Re: HP Lap top with a missing key

Someone needs to go into (safe mode) and change the function keys operation
for you. I had an HP which is the reason I know that. After that is done,
however, you can use the function keys like we are used to using them.
Blessings and All the Very Best,
Pat Seed

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Subject: Re: HP Lap top with a missing key

Here's another note. I also have an HP laptop and, in addition to
that missing application key, the F1 through Insert Keys don’t' work
as I need them to. I haven't gotten to having someone try to change
the bios. I mention this because sometimes that Shift F10 combination
won't work unless you also hit the FN key. Same goes for the Insert
key. It's rather annoying.

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Steve Sweeney
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Subject: HP Lap top with a missing key

Hi All,
I have an HP lap top with a 101 type keyboard which means it has the
numb pad. There is an annoying problem. The key that is usually
between the ALT key and the CTRL key on the right side of the space bar is
not there.
This was the key that we can use to open context menus mostly the same
as pressing the right mouse button. I miss having this function cause
in some applications routing the Jaws cursor to the PC cursor doesn't
always work.
Does anyone who has an HP lap top with this missing key know a work
around or some key combination HP came up with to replace the key?

Thx -Steve

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