moderated Re: A Question Regarding JAWS 16 and Windows 7

Dave Durber

Hello Lynn:
Try Routing the JAWS Cursor to the PC cursor, then use the JAWS, Read Current Line command.
Dave Durber

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Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2018 8:05 AM
Subject: A Question Regarding JAWS 16 and Windows 7

Hi Everyone,
i hope some of you can help me.  I just had to reinstall Windos 7 again because I had a virus.  Anyway, I’m trying to set up my computer once again.  I went into the Files and Folders manager to change the way those look to me.  My question is this.  IN those menus, things or either checked or not checked.  JAWS is reading the item, but not whether it is checked or not.  Could someone tell me why and how I can change this?  I’m actually not sure if this is a change I need to make to Windows or JAWS, so please forgive me if this is not a topic for this list.  Thanks for any help, it’s very much appreciated.
Lynne Moore

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