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Shoot the message off to them. Slow response time seems to be a recurring theme with JAWS 13.

Dave Carlson
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Subject: [Bulk] JAWS 13.0.638 Outlook 2003
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Date: 12-14-2011 16:19

Is anyone else getting the following behavior?
When doing a spell check in Word 2003 or an Outlook e-mail message and
tabbing down the the list view of suggestions, Jaws loses speech for quite a
few seconds before any sort of speech is restored. I've noticed this with
the latest update and don't recall it in earlier versions of 13 or even 12
and 11. I just want to be sure it's not something on my system, but rather
something other's have come across before maybe shooting an e-mail off to

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I have had some weird things with the updates too.
I got a message that they could not install the update and the install
program suggested that I do a repair.
I have windows xp, jaws 13, use internet explorer and outlook express with
google as a homepage.
What could be the problem with the updates?

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