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Charles Krugman

I have noticed at times that it is important to read what is posted on to your clipboard as sometimes I have found that the last letter of the captcha is omitted. I find that I sometimes have to type in what I heard manually before it can be entered properly. I haven't contacted them about this though.

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Hi! I've been having some problems using webvism lately. There are times when I'll try to solve a CAPTCHA and I won't be able to see the result after I've pasted it into the appropriate field and then gone out of forms mode. Lately, though, the problem I seem to be having is where it doesn't seem to solve the CAPTCHA at all and when I go to paste it from my clipboard into the appropriate space I only copy the previous item that happened to be on my clipboard. Has anyone else run into these problems and can tell me if I'm doing something wrong? They don't seem to answer their mail there anymore. Thank you.
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