moderated Re: Jaws slowdown in Excel

george b <gbmagoo@...>

I found using the same;


If you move after putting something in a cell by hitting enter and not using arrows it seems to not start that annoying issue


Also, if you do f2 for the edit field and when leaving this field also do the enter key I do not have this issue


From: <> On Behalf Of Paul Filpus
Sent: March 19, 2018 18:37
Subject: Jaws slowdown in Excel



Jaws response slows way down for me when I’m using Excel Spreadsheet. This has happened both in J18 and J2018. I called Tech Support and they suggested a couple remedies: The first was to remove the .jcf files, one at a time, which are located in my ..Settings/enu folder. After each removal, try Excel again. I did this for all the .jcf files, but got no improvement. The second remedy suggested was to run a procedure they gave me to change priority level from normal to above normal. That didn’t work, either.

I am running the latest version of Jaws 2018, Windows 10, and Office16.

Do any of you have suggestions?


Paul Filpus


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